How To Rebuild Credit Fast After A Bankruptcy

People want to learn how to rebuild credit fast after a bankruptcy, because these days bankruptcy is so common for people to have filed bankruptcy. You are not the only one out there trying to figure out how to regain control of your financial future. Bankruptcy is hard enough on your credit and it puts a real strain on your finances. Can credit be rebuilt fast after a bankruptcy? The good news is, “YES.” You can rebuild your credit fast after a bankruptcy. The key is to know what steps to take to rebuild your credit.

Here are a few basic steps that can help you get on your way to getting your credit back to a good standing and learning how to rebuild credit fast after a bankruptcy. First, have you ever heard that credit cards are some of the biggest credit builders? Well, that is true, but how can someone with a recent bankruptcy get a credit card? You will want to start with a secured credit card. Save a little money and find a good secured credit card that will allow you to have a balance that matches your amount that you have in saving. Payment history accounts for 35% of you credit score. Paying your bills on time will continue to help you increase your score. One thing people don’t consider is whether or not their credit report is accurate. Take a look at Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports. Verify that all information is correct not only with the bankruptcy, but with all items on your credit reports.

To dispute inaccurate items on your credit report, you will need to write letters to the credit bureau that has the wrong information. Is writing the dispute letters something you can do? Yes, you can write the dispute letters. Another option is to allow a credit restoration company to assist you with writing the dispute letters. There are companies out there that have even gotten bankruptcies removed 30 days after it was put on a credit report. Search for a company that has a proven track record, an A+ rating with the BBB and works in you best interest. You don’t want a company that is trying to fill their pocket book and not focus on helping your financial future. When learning how to rebuild credit fast after a bankruptcy know “Yes” it can be done. Get started today!