Is There A Credit Score Estimator?

Too many people on the Internet are trying to find out if there is a credit score estimator that can be used to find out their approximate score. The truth is, there is no such thing as a credit score estimator. Websites that promote any such web applications are most likely fraud.

The only way we can get an estimate of our score is by filling up our online credit request form. It can take up to 14 days to receive report and it may still not be perfect for you. However, its a safe way to get your credit score estimate instead of relying on any website that promotes things like credit score estimators.

Another alternative is to use any reliable company that can offer a consolidated credit reports with scores from all three credit bureaus. There are some serious companies that provide great value added services along with instant access to all three scores. Its always a challenge to identity which company is the most secure as you don’t want to handover your data to unreliable and non-reputed companies that may either misuse or sell your information to third party companies.

A genuine company would generally provide a trial service to the users at no cost so that the value of their service can be assessed. Such companies also provide you instant access to credit score after registration. The trials are generally for a 7 day period and if the service is canceled within 7 days, there is no extra charge for the customer. Such services are always better than using web applications that claim to be credit score estimators.

People who rely on some credit estimating software will run the risk of not knowing their exact score and eventually being unpleasantly surprised when their annual credit report arrives at their door step. This could lead to a serious situation where the persons credit applications could be denied due to undesirable score and it can even lead to not being approved of any kind of debt consolidation loan.

Popular finance magazines indicate that high percentage of people with high score had invested at least once in services related to credit monitoring. This means that people are increasingly becoming aware of the need to consistently monitor and raise their score as they are aware that they can easily acquire loans at low interest rates if their scores are high. Of course, it makes sense not to register with any random website that claims to provide free credit score unless you have done enough background verification of the company.