Cash Back Credit Cards Are The Way To Go

Credit cards that have reward programs that give you rebate incentives or cash back are the way to go. Why shouldn’t your credit card reward you when you use it? Are you still using a card that doesn’t reward you? Why is that? The possible reason that more people don’t have these types of cards is because they usually require fair to excellent credit ratings to get approval.

These kinds of cards have become a lot more popular because gas prices have risen so sharply. You can earn up to 5% cash back on eligible purchases like utility bill and phone payments, cable and gas bills, groceries, and dining when you get some of the more widely available cash back cards.

A lot of cash back cards are in the lower range of percentage payback, hovering at around 1% to 2%. However, there has been a trend to raise the cashback percentage to 5% amongst major card issuers. However, the 5% cashback rate usually just applies to purchases made at gas stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores. You usually only get the 5% cash back on one of these items, but getting 5% back is substantial. Image getting 5% back on gasoline?! In today’s world, where gas prices as so high, getting 5% back can be quite substantial.

The trend towards offering cash back, in general, is increasing for a variety of reasons. The uptick in gas prices, the higher percentages being offered by card issuers, and the increased competition being faced by credit card issuers as well, are all contributing to the larger numbers of cashback credit cards being offered.

Wait a minute, you might be asking, how do these types of rewards programs really work? How can the credit issuers afford to give me a percentage of the cash back? Why are they letting me get away with such a smart financial move? When merchants accept payments by credit cards, they give a percentage of the transaction as a commission to their merchant services provider or bank. A lot of those issuers share that percentage with you. They do this in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

Now, rewards based cards are usually a lot better for consumers who pay their credit card statement off each month. Rewards based credit cards usually have a much higher APR too. If you don’t continue to pay your balance each month, the extra interest will defeat the purpose of the rewards that you’ve earned.

A lot of financial institutions also have cashback bonus programs with the top online retailers. You might be able to use your cashback bonus into larger rewards each instance that you redeem for gift cards at big name partners of the credit card issuers you’ve gotten your cashback credit card programs with.

It just doesn’t make sense to go without cashback cards if you have a good credit rating. If you plan to pay your bills on time, then these types of cards are the ones to choose (in my opinion). These cards reward their customers who spend money and pay back their bills wisely, as they would have done in the past before getting accepted for the card and as they will continue to do in the present when they get the card.

Avoid The Biggest Credit Repair Mistakes And Learn to Do It Yourself

Obviously there can be a lot of different reasons why people end up with bad credit and need help getting their credit repaired. One of the most common reasons is actually medical bills but there are a myriad of other factors which can contribute to poor credit. Most people just don’t really know very much about credit and this is something none of us were really ever taught in school.

If you have a very bad credit score you are probably going to run into a lot of trouble in buying a car or buying and even renting a home. However one thing a lot of people probably don’t even consider is that having bad credit can be a serious negative factor when you are looking for a job. Suffice it to say your credit score is probably more important these days than it ever was before and that makes it extremely important for you to learn the basics of credit repair and the ways you can improve your credit score.

Most people who have very bad credit will be extremely confused when trying to decipher what’s on their credit report. The same debts can appear multiple times in different incarnations because your original creditor may have sold your bad debt to a collection agency. Sometimes that collection agency may even sell your debt to another collection agency. So if you have had multiple accounts go into a collection likely that your credit report may be pretty confusing.

One of the big problems with learning about credit repair is you are going to run into a ton of misinformation on the Internet. Credit repair services stand to make a lot of money if you hire them but they may not always have your best interest at heart. In fact a lot of the advertisements and claims I have seen online may either be exaggerated or in some cases even completely false.

Be extremely wary of any credit repair services that offer guarantees. These credit repair companies are not the credit bureaus and they will never have complete control over the many factors that affect your credit score. Any sorts of promises or guarantees should probably make you feel extremely skeptical.

Credit repair services can be quite expensive ranging from a few hundred dollars even up to thousands of dollars. The main advantage in hiring a credit repair service is saving time. And of course time is money so in some cases if you find a good credit repair service that may be a best option. But if you have some free time on your hands and want to save a few hundred dollars or more you can definitely learn how to fix your own credit yourself.

Even if you are fortunate enough to find one of the honest and professional credit repair services, the bottom line is that they cannot do anything for you that you couldn’t learn to do yourself. That’s why the advice I would probably give you is you’re going to be a lot better off learning to repair your own credit than you would be paying an arm and a leg to some credit repair company.

Safety and Security Concerns Regarding Instant Approval Credit Cards

If you’re looking for fast and easy credit or financing options today, there are a lot of credit options to consider. You can choose zero APR, which do not charge interest rates for certain periods, and “instant approval credit cards”, which require little or no background checks or strict employment requirements. In fact, you can easily get these types of cards at the mall or through the mail. However, some worry about getting these types of cards, because of concerns over security of personal information, and fraud. Let’s discuss the safety and security concerns of applying for one.

How to Apply for Instant-Approval Credit Cards

It’s quite easy to applying for a quick approval credit card today. As most companies or credit unions have an online presence, and those who wish to get one can apply online for their chosen company. You can also get applications via regular mail, and you can apply for these at the local mall too. Most of the well-known providers like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon and others, have secured web sites, and guarantee full protection of their client’s personal information.

The Perks of Owning Instant Approval Credit Cards

There are a lot of advantages to getting instant approval credit cards. The first advantage is that they allow users to keep close track of their expenses. And although most company today don’t require the applicant to have a regular job, they still help owners easily track their expenses since the card’s statements can be organized, and payments can also be tracked monthly, either physically or online.

  • Instant approval applications are also quite easy. The applicant can apply for a line of credit, and be approved within less than twenty-four hours. The credit line can be used for making purchases, or for paying bills, and can also provide small and medium business with quick extra capital.
  • Instant-approval credit cards also provide individuals and businesses with a better way for taking care of their overhead costs. These cards also users with sophisticated rewards or incentive programs, of which struggling business owners can easily take advantage of, during times of slow sales, or each time they need to make emergency purchases. With the card’s rewards/ incentives program, the more the card is used, the more benefits will the user s get in terms of free merchandise, extra cash or gift checks.

Why Some Worry About the Safety of Instant Approval credit Cards?

When applying for one, be concerned about your safety. After all, you will be exchanging or transferring a lot of personal information to the credit card company, through the Internet, or by filling out the application form. If this information goes into the wrong hands, these people could steal your identity, and your card could mysteriously run up thousands of dollars in debt.

When applying for instant approval credit cards online, make sure the web site is secured, by looking for the picture of a “closed padlock”, which is located at the bottom right or left corner of the computer screen (depending on the browser you use). You can also determine the website’s security, by looking at its address. For example, if the website starts with https:// instead of http:// (without the s), it is secure.

How To Restore Your Credit Score

There is hope for your credit score. Do realize that your credit score is your vital sign for your financial health? You will learn how to restore your credit score and the great news is, it is possible to see an increase in your credit score in as little at 30-45 days! Don’t wait. Start right away and get your financial health back on track. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will tell you that items will have to wait to fall off in 7 – 10 years. Of course that is what they want you to believe. The three bureaus do not want you to dispute any items on you credit. That means they will have to verify the items and they are not paid to verify the items.

Follow these steps on how to restore your credit score. Restoring your credit score is something that you can do. However, most people choose to hire a credit restoration company instead of learning how to restore your credit score yourself. As you will learn why they choose to go that route. The first thing you will want to do is get a copy of your credit reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. You will need to verify that all the information on your credit report is accurate. By accurate that means, correct address, phone number, amounts, or anything pertaining to the item that is on your credit report. The next step is to dispute any inaccurate items on you credit report. There are people out there getting things like bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, and even late payments off their credit by disputing these items.

Disputing means writing letters that state what is incorrect and showing proof of it. You don’t have proof. Don’t stop there. If you don’t have proof you still have the right to dispute the item. Make sure you have all the correct information in the letters. The letters don’t have to be pages long. They just need to be short and to the point of why the item is reported incorrect. When writing the letters you will need to make sure that you have your correct mailing address and social security number attached to it. You can use a copy of your social security card or a tax document to verify your social security number and a copy of a utility bill, credit card statement or bank statement for verification of your mailing address. You need this along with the dispute letters so you are showing the company that it truly is you disputing and not a third-party. Send it with some type of tracking so you know the day that the credit bureaus received it. They have 30 days to respond to the dispute letter. The credit bureaus must state that they deleted, updated or made no change to the items you are disputing.

The great news is you can restore your credit yourself, although there are other options out there. Credit restoration companies are out there to help you. A credit restoration company will know the best strategies in how to restore your credit score the quickest. Yes there are scam companies out there, just like in any other business, so you need to know what to look for. Look for a credit restoration company that has a proven track record, many years of experience, a money back guarantee, and one of the most important is a A+ rating with the BBB. Don’t wait to get your financial future back on track!